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Hey, I’m Sarah, Your New CFO.

I help take the confusion out of finance . 

I've spent more than 15 years working in both the corporate and small business sector helping businesses both large and small find creative and new ways to save money while increasing value and profits. 
And nothing gets me more excited than helping small business owners create more profitable businesses.
Why? Because I know exactly what that means for you. It means more time to call your own, more trips, more time with your kids, less time worrying about money. 
I founded Leo & Vern in honor of my grandpa, my favorite person ever, who used his knowledge as an accountant to leave a legacy behind for our family. So to me, carrying on his legacy of helping others create their own legacy? Priceless.

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i'm here because I believe

Your Business Is About More Than Numbers

Your business is your heart and soul. It’s your ticket to time & financial freedom, and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Here's how we can work together to make it happen↓ 

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Don’t need a monthly bookkeeper yet but need help setting up your business as an S-Corp and getting yourself on payroll?

Perfect for you if you are making between $5-15k a month. Get monthly reconciliation support, custom reports, and the option to add payroll. 

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Fractional CFO Services

Our signature service is a fully custom approach to your business finances. By combining advisory, payroll and bookkeeping services our team provides comprehensive strategy and support.

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Get straight, practical answers on when you need a bookkeeper (or not), when to hire a team, file for an S-Corp, what to focus on to create more profit and much more... 


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