We give you the financial
strategy to flip your middle
finger at corporate and
create generational wealth

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cfo & Bookkeeping services for online service providers


CFO & Bookkeeping Services for online service providers who are ready for next-level financial support

We think the corporate world sucks ass - we take the financial strategies that work in corporate and customize them for small business growth

Because you deserve to have a level of competence and strategy that will have you set up for long-term success from day one.

We’re in it for the long haul around here.
We want to retire you, your children and your grandkids!

serving businesses throughout the us

the start-up


An online service provider working your way towards consistent
$5k months.

the entrepreneur

if you are

An online service provider consistently making
$5k-$15k months.


If you are

An online service provider that's regularly making
$15k-75k months.

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Want to know exactly what we do when we work with clients?

Read some of our most powerful case studies that show the depth at which our services permanently change our clients businesses

I believe online business owners have the ability to change the power balance of the world’s economy

That’s why I’m committed to helping online service providers - because I believe that helping individual businesses build generational wealth is the best legacy we can leave behind.

About sarah

Founder, CFO, bachelors in finance. passionate about setting you free from the corporate straightjacket

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“In just the first month, Sarah identified over $800/month of fees we could be saving on payroll and invoice processing. She's added value to our business at every level. I couldn't do this without her.”

Hugo Gomez, Abogados Now

“I'm so relieved to be finally getting some help so that I can get some traction in my business. Working with Sarah on mapping out my offers, income and hours was a game-changer. I am more confident in charging my worth. I just know I'm in good hands.”

jenni jo, massage therapist 

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