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How to find contractors for your online business: 5 easy steps

If you’ve been following along in our hiring series you’ve now reached the point where you are ready to hire, but now you’re wondering how to find contractors for your online business. If you’ve missed our earlier lessons check out the following: Why you should hire a team for your small business: 5 great reasons […]

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When Should I Hire? 4 ways to tell you’re ready financially

You hear about it all the time; your business besties are telling you that you shouldn’t be doing it all on your own, but you keep asking yourself “When should I hire? How do I know I’m ready?” This post will walk you through 4 steps to make sure your finances are ready to hire […]

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What You Should Outsource First: the 5-step process to help

I’m sure you’ve all seen posts or reels or heard from a coach about what you should outsource first. And chances are some of that advice was from people who offer services that you would outsource to – sketchy – or you’ve heard the old “hire a VA first” mantra – just don’t. Calling out […]

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