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What You Should Outsource First: the 5-step process to help


I’m sure you’ve all seen posts or reels or heard from a coach about what you should outsource first. And chances are some of that advice was from people who offer services that you would outsource to – sketchy – or you’ve heard the old “hire a VA first” mantra – just don’t. Calling out […]

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Have you ever wondered why you should hire a team for your small business when it’s so obvious you’ll keep more money if you don’t? I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should hire a team and why failing to do so will actually prevent you from reaching your income goals. Why you […]

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For this cash flow case study, I want to introduce Max Sher of the Sher Agency. Max runs a design agency that designs and maintains high-converting WordPress websites. When Max first came to Leo & Vern, he was struggling with cash flow issues. He was making plenty of sales but somehow when it came time […]

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man implementing profit first with one bank account

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while you’ve likely heard of Profit First, by Michael Michaelowicz. It’s a great book worth reading if you want to have a sustainable business that builds generational wealth (which is what we are all about here!) (This post contains affiliate links that, while they do not add any […]

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