You didn't start your business to work your ass off everyday and barely make ends meet. You have goals! You have dreams! You want time freedom, creative freedom and the opportunity to earn whatever the hell you can for your services. Maintaining a profitable, resilient business is the key to it all.

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we know a successful business is the key to the life you want

We focus on profits and cash flow because they are the #1 key to a business that pays for your dream life. You want a business that can weather any shit storm this world can throw at you and for that you need an intentional, strategic, and proactive approach. 

I know you know already - but this is one area you can't afford to cut corners in. Because it's the difference between generational wealth and being another failed business statistic. 

Our Approach

that where we come in

"you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."

— abraham lincoln

To disrupt the financial services industry so that small businesses can routinely build generational wealth and permanently alter the destiny of their family

Our vision

Max went from cash flow chaos to complete clarity.

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Corey brausch

Hugo streamlined his invoicing and saved a bundle in fees.

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Hugo Gomez

Max Sher

Corey went from stressed to blissed out CEO

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case studies

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- Genevieve Rachal - Facebook Ad and Funnel Strategist

when it comes to dealing with all my complicated numbers. From the attention to detail in her reporting to the amazing sense of humor she infuses into everything she does, I know that I couldn't choose a better person to support me in the growth of my business.

Sarah is the only person I trust

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- Lisette Harrington, Med Spa Branding and Web Design

Sarah breaks down financial concepts in a way that doesn't overwhelm me, while at the same time helping me feel like my goals are attainable. I feel empowered and hopeful about my financial future. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

i feel empowered

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It hasn't even been 6 weeks working together, it already feels so amazing and such a huge weight lifted. It's one of the best investments I've made in my business because of how confident and supported I feel. 

- Casey Bertelsman, Fractional COO, Project Manager

Such a huge weight has been lifted

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