fractional cfo services with proactive strategy is the solution you've been looking for

fractional cfo services with proactive strategy is the solution you've been looking for

Because you deserve to feel confident as fuck about your finances. You deserve to build an empire that changes lives AND get paid a booty-load of money doing it. You deserve to get off the hamster wheel and enjoy your life stress-free, for once.

Ready to finally feel zero money stress?

Picture it, you sit down to work, coffee in hand, rev up your computer and your to do list pops up. You've got one call with your favorite client who always makes you laugh, a check-in with your team and then you might make a reel or post some fun stories on Instagram. 

You bang out a bit of work, catch up with the team and you're feeling good; but it's a nice day and the dog is itching to go for a walk. So you log off and take him for a walk to your favorite lunch spot. You decide to do your client call from the patio lunch deck at the cafe, mojito in hand and you're done for the day. Now if only you didn't have to cook dinner...

how does a day like this sound to you?

I can help you get here

She goes above and beyond, makes things super simple to understand, and she doesn't hesitate to collaborate with others to make things go smoothly. I couldn't have asked for better. You get strategy and a business best friend in one.

— corey brausch, seven willows media

“sarah is a gift to my business”

I too have fallen for the siren song of the online business coach and sunk thousands I didn't have to try and get results that never showed up. I've navigated the pitfalls of cash flow issues, hiring, growth, client work and having a life. It's really freaking tough man.  

I see you
I've been there
There is a way out

but the best thing I learned is that we are always better when we tap into the expertise of others to help us in areas we aren't as strong in

But guess what...

(like design, I fucking suck at design!)

Comprehensive, intentional, proactive financial strategy designed to help you increase profits, even cash flow and build generational wealth so you can give corporate the middle finger (forever) and live life on your own terms. 

fractional cFO services


know exactly how to price your offers to hit your income goals

How does this sound?

know exactly how/when/where to market to hit your target client roster number



the results you're going to get:

enjoy regular paychecks to yourself from your business - hello security!


make hiring, growth and pivot decisions with 100% confidence


strategic tax planning and wealth building for future good times - like that beach house!


How It Works

Book a call to confirm your space, rate and ask any final questions you may have about the services

First this

We have a streamlined, time-tested onboarding process to quickly get you up and running with the team.

Then this

Then we get right to work mapping out your goals, discussing profit strategies, optimizing processes... this is my fave!

Then this

“I feel empowered and hopeful now about my financial future. Sarah breaks down financial concepts in a way that makes me feel confident I can achieve my goals!”

Lisette got her groove back:


“it feels so amazing, such a huge weight has been lifted. It's one of the best investments I've made in my business because of how confident and supported I feel

casey feels zero money stress


real results

A year from now you'll
will have wished you started today....

So let's get started!

“I couldn't do this without sarah. She's become an integral part of our team”

Hugo streamlined his payment processors, saved a bundle on processing fees, smoothed out complex payroll issues and is working on restructuring his offer suite to reduce time to pay, churn and create more predictable cash flow. 

hugo saved double his investment in fees alone

Yes, It Really Works

“Working with sarah has helped me confidently raise my rates"

Jenni Jo came with loads of items and offers and an undeniable passion for her work. We mapped out a profitable pricing strategy together, worked on when to charge, how to streamline payments, cash flow and exactly how many clients she needs.

Jenni Jo became the confidence queen

“Sarah created exactly the cash flow map i needed”

Max came to us making great money but the cash flow was not adding up. He couldn't pay himself regularly and the bank accounts were frequently in crisis despite his great revenue. We mapped out a day-by-day cash flow map that gave Max the exact info he needed to make key decisions to solve his cash flow concerns for good. 

max conquered his cash flow issues

Fractional CFO services

Monthly Bookkeeping & audit-proofing

customized Monthly Profitability Report & KPI Tracking

Profit First implementation & budget creation

Cash Flow Forecasting & strategic planning

starting at $900/month

here's what you really want to know

ideal for you if you make $15-75k/months

Payroll services offered at an additional monthly charge

We all have our super powers. I figured out a while ago that mine are:
  • seeing solutions where others see only confusion and frustration
  • making processes efficient in ways no one else has even thought to question
  • Making clear, self-sustaining systems that run like clockwork

You deserve ALL of this in your finances.

look, you are a fucking rock star! you deserve to take your super power to the next level. You deserve a custom, strategic approach for your business that will help you crush your goals.

solutions. efficiency. clarity.

“it matters less how much money you make. it's what you do with it that counts.”

— Me

have 100% clarity on where you are at with your money, where it's all going and your progress toward your goals

receive reports you can actually take action on built with your business goals in mind

make confident financial decisions to grow your business while maintaining high profit levels

know which offer is most profitable - plus when and where to market it for maximum profitability

feel like your finances are effortlessly working behind the scenes

enjoy consistent, even cash flow with our custom cash flow mapping plan

By working with us,
you will...

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After working with Sarah for just three months I already have gotten so much value, seeing my numbers, coming up with structure for my business and talking through everything from prenups to hiring. The support is so comprehensive. Sarah really gets it.

— nicole

“every time we meet the value blows my mind!”



When it comes to dealing with all my complicated numbers. From the attention to detail in her reporting to the amazing sense of humor she infuses into everything she does, I know that I couldn't choose a better person to support me in the growth of my business.

— Genevieve 

“sarah is the only financial expert I trust”



I'm sarah, your new finance yoda

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with creating solutions to things that other people thought were unsolvable.

Whether it was buying my first home as a single mom making less than $18/hour, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Finance while working full-time, or balancing multi-million dollar budgets in my corporate life.

I thought I was on the path to success and even started grad school to get my MBA...

more about me →

Hey there!

But it all changed when I realized

I was only working toward a job I didn’t even want. And then it hit me - what I meant to do all along

Take all my years of being scrappy with money, education, operations, and project management experience and help fellow business owners set themselves free from the corporate straight jacket

Now, I’m super proud to have created a business that is actively disrupting the financial services industry and creating legacies of generational wealth in the lives of my clients.

the reason I know it's possible for you to build generational wealth from your business? because if i can do it - you can too. and i will help you get there.

leo & vern cfo services are unlike anything else out there because...

you get custom profit strategy

Let's be real. Most of the time when you're searching for financial help you end up with one of two folks - a bookkeeper and/or a money mindset coach. No shade those are both good in their own ways. 

But when you reach a certain level in your business - just knowing your numbers of a boring P&L and getting your books "done" is not enough. You need operational financial design to create a sustainably profitable business. 

You are in it for the long-haul so you need a profit strategy. It's not enough to be making money - even if it's a crap ton of money - you have to have strategy to keep that money serving you and your business. 

we also take on the #1 killer of online service-based businesses - cash flow

Issues with cash flow are the #1 killer of online service-based businesses. It's just a thing, you can ignore this fact or you can be proactive and make sure it's not an issue for you. 

Cash flow issues are simply not addressed by your average bookkeeper or even some financial advisors - and certainly not the Leo & Vern way. 

Because of the years of operations and project management experience combined with a finance degree I have a completely unique approach and perspective on how to create financial stability without sacrificing client quality or your sanity. 

Because you didn't start all this to be limited. You didn't put in all this work to not see a big-ass return on your time and energy. You want to build a legacy that lasts. And I can help get you there...

Our CFO services include everything you need to create generational wealth

Pay yourself consistent hefty amounts from your business

Have Profit First not only set up but working!

Have complete confidence in making strategic business decisions that get you the results you want

Know you can hire help without sacrificing your own paycheck or your profitability

Feel confident in your financial plan and position and that you are actively building security and wealth

Know exactly what to offer, when, how much to charge and how many clients you need to exceed your revenue goals

Spend more time doing more work you love and relaxing instead of stressing about money

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* get to:

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This is for you if:

you are an action-taker who is ready to implement strategic moves with your money

you want to hand over everything to someone and not think about your money again

you know that being profitable is the key to business success

you're not looking for advice and direction, just the books done

you're ready for more ease, more peace of mind and more confidence

It's probably not for you if...

you are not yet making five-figure months (we have other help for you here if that's you)

Fractional CFO services

Monthly Bookkeeping & audit-proofing

customized Monthly Profitability Report & KPI Tracking

Profit First implementation & budget creation

Cash Flow Forecasting & strategic planning

starting at $900/month

here's what you really want to know

ideal for you if you make $15-75k/months

Payroll services offered at an additional monthly charge

what accounting software do you use?

We are a Xero Certified Partner and use it exclusively for our clients. It is the best accounting software for online service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me transition from another software?

Yes, we will take care of transitioning you to Xero from whatever platform you used before. Cost is included in your retainer. 

My  books are not up-to-date, can you get them caught up?

Yes, catch-up services are an additional charge and only available to monthly retainer clients.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract with you?

No, all contracts are month-to-month. We ask only that if you decide to not renew your services you give us 14-days notice.

what do you use for payroll services?

We are a Certified Gusto partner and use this service exclusively for our payroll. You are also welcome to have payroll outside of Leo & Vern.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on the kinds of results you are seeking, most clients report feelings of relief and increased confidence within the first 4-6 weeks. 

How soon can I get started as a client?

Due to the deep attention we pay our clients we only hold 2 open spaces per month. We can let you know exact openings on your confirmation call. 

How can I be sure this will work for Me?

All investments in business are calculated risk. Hop on a call, try it and if you don't feel it's working then stop your contract (it hasn't happened to us yet but it IS an option). 

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Still on the Fence?

Let's do this

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! You deserve to have your questions answered and feel supremely confident to your decision! I find it's easiest to hop on a call to chat it out.