Our story

You may wonder why a LGBTQIA+ owned, women-led firm is called Leo & Vern

Let me tell your our story...

It begins with one of my favorite people ever, my grandpa. See, grandpa was an accountant and everything I'll ever aspire to be. He was brave, always learning, cared deeply about people, gave back to his community, fun, resourceful... 

And with his career, (combined with grandma who herself was the powerhouse I named my youngest child after) he built a legacy that impacted the next three generations of our family.

Grandpa always thought about going out on his own and starting his own business. He never did but his financial savvy created lasting ripples in our lives. 
And that wasn't the only legacy he left behind. His work ethic and desire to put people first inform my business decisions every day.

That's why I founded my business - to help others create their own legacy

Because without grandpa, I wouldn't be where I am today. His love, his dedication, that's what I want each and every one of my clients to feel. That's why I named it after him. Leo Vern Welch, my hero.

our values:



(verb) sup·​port
  • to promote the interests or cause of
  • to uphold or defend as valid or right 
  • assist, help
  • to hold up or serve as a foundation
  • to keep from fainting, yielding, or losing courage
  • to keep (something) going


(noun) im·​pact
  • a significant or major effect
(verb) im·​pact
  • to have a direct effect or impact on


(adjective) sus·​tain·​able
  • designating, of, or characterized by a practice that sustains a given condition, as economic growth or a human population, without destroying or depleting natural resources, polluting the environment, etc.
  • (and we add sustaining profit without depleting ourselves, our families, our energy or our health)

we are proud of our legacy

We are grateful for each of our amazing clients who entrust their legacy to us. We know that finding a firm that shares your core values is not easy. And finding one that lives them out day in and day out is even harder. Maybe you've been burned in the past and maybe it's hard to trust someone again. 

We would love the opportunity to show you what real support looks like.

LET'S get started!


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