Bookkeeping Services designed to give you the information you need to make confident financial decisions in your business


I make the numbers make sense so you can get back to doing business

Because managing your business finances doesn't have to be confusing, overwhelming and something you dread like the dentist

You started your business to help people, make money and give yourself the time and financial freedom to live life how you want. You didn't go into business to create spreadsheets and crunch numbers all day (that's why I went into business). 
But you do want to understand the numbers enough to be proactive and strategic with your money and make smart business decisions. 
That's where I come in.

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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Bookkeeping Services that support your business

Our mission to make sure that you have the information you need to make solid financial decisions in your business. We partner with you so that you can get that information easily, quickly and in a format that makes sense to you. 
Don't know how to interpret your reports? We got you. In fact, we have a whole website dedicated to free client-exclusive resources designed to help you elevate your business and make smart financial decisions. Chock full with all the answers to our clients most burning questions (and I bet they are yours too)! 


Straight talk,
less stress,
responsive support,
your #1 fan club

what you won't:

Guilt or shame,
bandaid fixes,
financial "speak"
useless reports

that's what (they) said:

Working with Sarah was a game-changer. I am more confident in charging my worth.

jenni jo, massage therapist

Sarah is a gift to my business. You get strategy and a business best friend in one

corey, seven willows media

It's one of the best investments I've made in my business because of how confident and supported I feel

casey, online business manager


Max went from cash flow chaos to total clarity

Before: Max was making great money and consistent sales, but the cash flow wasn't adding up. He was constantly worried about paying contractors, not paying himself and watching his bank accounts like a hawk to make sure the money was available at the right time.

After: Max had a day-by-day cash flow map that gave Max the exact information he needed to make key decisions that solved his cash flow concerns for good. 


Matt went from this unfortunate situation to this amazing one after this service I offer.

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