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5 great reasons to hire a team in your small business

September 6, 2022

Business Planning

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Have you ever wondered why you should hire a team for your small business when it’s so obvious you’ll keep more money if you don’t? I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should hire a team and why failing to do so will actually prevent you from reaching your income goals.

Why you should hire a team – Reason 1: More time for strategy planning

When you are stuck in the day-to-day grind of meeting the needs of your clients, you have no time to think about growing your business, long-term strategy, adding efficiencies, or anything else.

You end up treading water just to stay afloat. And just like treading water, you spend a lot of time and energy just keeping your head above water, but you never make any progress toward your goal. Treading water is not swimming. And in order to swim you have to – are you ready? – STOP TREADING WATER.

In order to make the progress you want to make in your business, you have to stop doing everything yourself because it is preventing you from having the time and energy to focus on growing your business and achieving your goals.

That’s why you should hire a team – so that you have more time and energy and can finally stop treading water and actually start making movement toward your goal.

Why you should hire a team – Reason 2: You are taking advantage of expert knowledge

girl in bed with quote "you're smart to bring in the expert" referencing why you should hire a team in your small business

One of the best things that ever happened to me in my business was when I finally admitted to myself that I could not do everything in my business at the highest level. It was a pretty bitter pill to swallow because competence is super important to me! But when I realized that my ego was getting in my way (by thinking that I could just take online courses and be as successful as experts – I mean, who was I kidding!) then I really started to see the power of why you should hire a team.

We’ll talk more in another post about what kinds of people you should hire to fill in the gaps in your business but hiring complementary talent is a huge boon to your business. Hiring someone who has literally made a career doing something super well means you no longer have to:

  • try and master the ever-changing Instagram algorithm along with running your actual business – seriously don’t try – just hire @righthandglam and be done with it!
  • Do continuous keyword research and pin creation, tracking, and scheduling oh my! – just hire someone amazing like @heatherfarris to drive hot leads to your website
  • Remember which category you are supposed to put your Flodesk subscription in, how to reconcile your books, or what is tax deductible or not – I mean, that’s kind of what I do 😊 (seriously – you will barely have to think about your finances except to rejoice in your consistent bank deposits – you can fill out my contact form if you’d like to learn more)

By paying someone else you are not only freeing up your time (and brain space) but you are tapping into a wealth of expert knowledge that will help your business in ways you can’t even imagine – because you don’t know what you don’t know. And this helps your business because then you can focus on loving your clients and serving the crap out of them – which helps with client retention and then your team helps with their areas which just elevates the experience and quality of everything you put out.

Why you should hire a team – Reason 3: Allows you to take on more clients

girl with big pink umbrella shouting "I want more" referencing why you should hire a team for your small business

This in and of itself is probably the biggest reason that you should hire a team for your small business. Because if you continue to do it all solo you will eventually run out of time and not be able to take on any more clients.

And just know that you don’t have to become an agency just because you hire a team. You can hire out other aspects of your business which will free you up for more hours to serve more clients.

The basic facts are that if you cap yourself out with clients and you want to make more money, you are either going to have to charge your current clients more or settle for less money than you want. Neither are super awesome options if you ask me (provided you are already charging your clients a solid rate – I mean, you are right??)

Why you should hire a team – Reason 4: You can actually take time off!

Like it or not – if your whole business revolves around you then if you want to go on vacation, take a day off or, goddess forbid, get sick – you are up a creek without a paddle (as my grandpa would say).

Imagine how freaking awesome it would feel to be able to take a long weekend, a trip with the family, or even just take a sick day without the fear that everything will fall apart.

That doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by design. That design has to include hiring a team because you need good, trained, awesome people who can cover for you when you’re gone.

I mean, you didn’t start this business to work yourself to death – you probably wanted time freedom more than almost anything else (besides a butt ton of money). This is why you should hire a team – time freedom!

Why you should hire a team – Reason 5: Cost savings

a girl with money saying I want to save some money

Stick with me here – I’m going to do some basic math with you.

If you want to take home $10k a month in your business. You’ll ideally be shooting for $20k months in revenue.

There are about 173.333 work hours in a month (assuming 40 hours work week).

Let’s round to 175 just to make numbers easy. If you take your total revenue goal divided by 175 of your hours. That means that if you do it all by your lonesome you will need to earn $114.29 an hour

$20,000/175 = $114.29

Now I know you probably don’t actually WANT to work 40 hours a week, but you probably are or even more so let’s stick with that for now.

If you are doing your own Instagram engagement, posts, stories, reels, etc., let’s say, and you spend 1 hour on Instagram a day (that’s actually not as much as you’d think).

Your total personal cost is $114.29 x 20 = $2285.80

Does that number freak you out??? Did you have any idea you were “spending” that much?? I can bet you a dollar to a dog biscuit that you can find a top-notch IG specialist for a comparable price that will take that off your plate – which then allows you 20 whole hours of your life back every month! I mean if this alone isn’t enough to tell you why you should hire a team for your small business… I don’t know what will.

That’s 20 hours you could be using for more clients – making MORE MONEY – all while your IG specialist is warming up new leads and getting you more clients!

Conclusion: Why you should hire a team for your small business

I hope you’ve found this article on why you should hire a team for your small business helpful! It’s always my goal to provide meaningful content to as many people as possible and it helps me spread the word when you use the share buttons below to share this content with your followers and friends!

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